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How to buy on

Buying keys for games in the store is no different from buying in any other online store. Of course, except that we accept many types of cryptocurrency.

Buying a key for the game consists of three stages:

Choosing a game

For each product several important parameters are indicated:

  • Product price in euros;
  • Product price in the selected cryptocurrency;
  • Regional restrictions for the product;
  • Activation platform for the product key.

On the page of each game, two prices are indicated: the first price in euros and the second price in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

The final selection of the payment method is made on the checkout page.


On the checkout page, you must specify the email address to which the purchased keys should be sent. This email address may not be the same as the one you use for payment and other transactions.

Very important! Do not forget to use promotional codes on the checkout page. You can find out how promotional codes work and how to get them on this page.

Purchase payment

Our store supports several types of payment systems. To pay for purchases, you can use any convenient for you.

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