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About promo codes

The store provides promotional codes valid for one or more purchases.

To use the promotional code, you must specify it on the checkout page.

Most of the promotional codes in can be combined at the completion of the purchase. When combining promotional codes, the discount will be added up, so a registered customer can receive a discount of up to 14% of the total purchase amount.

Promocode Example
Promocode Example

How to use promo code?

  • Available promotional codes must be specified in the appropriate field on the checkout page.
  • If there are several promotional codes, you must add them one after the other.
  • If necessary, a promotional code can be excluded from the order.

How to get a promo code?

You can get a promo code in two ways:

  • Sign up for and get a daily promotional code on the user’s account page. This promotional code is generated randomly and can provide a discount of 1 to 9 percent of the total purchase amount. Promo code is valid only for one purchase and is tied to the user account.
  • Subscribe to channels in Discord and Telegram. In these channels every hour published promotional codes for a discount of 5% of the total amount of the purchase. These promotional codes are disposable and not tied to a specific account.
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